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Anything Musou Warriors

Dynasty, Samurai, and Warriors Orochi welcome

Musou Warriors: Anything Warrior Koei related
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Koei Games Community: Discussions, news, fandom and more
This community is now located on Livejournal.com and Dreamwidth.org (musou_warriors). If you are not a member of LJ, you can make an account here. If you are not a member of DW, you can get an invite code here to make an account.
Join and talk about anything Koei Musou related. Feel free to post icons, pics, color bars, you name it. Some brief rules: 1) If you post a quiz, for all replying to it, post your quiz results in the comments of that post. 2) Post Fan Fics in LJ Cut. 3) Tag your entries. 4) NO PIMPING OF OTHER DW COMMUNITIES OR RP FORUMS PLEASE I only say that because the comm was over run w/ them. Instead, pimp them at Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Orochi Community Promo dw_sw_promo / [community profile] musou_promo((Failure to do so and the comm will be moderated)).

For anyone who sucks at intros, this might help. You don't have to fill it out and everything is optional. Please use the tag 'intro' so we can find your into later. Thanks

About You
Your Website: One please
Favorite non-Koei video Games:

Koei Stuff
Favorite Koei Family:
Least Favorite Koei Family:
Favorite Koei Character(s):
Least Favorite Koei Character(s):
Favorite Koei Pairing(s):
Least Favorite Koei Pairing(s):
Dream Crossover Pairing(s): Example - Zhou Yu and Spiderman. It can be completely random.
Koei Game(s) Played:
Koei Game(s) Owned:
Favorite Koei Game(s):
What do you wish Koei would bring back to the Warriors world?: (Ie for me, I wish they'd bring back the create a character mode. I thought that was awesome.)
Do you Koei cosplay? If so, feel free to post your link.
Do you write Koei fanfic? If so, feel free to post your link.
Are you a Koei fanartist? If so, feel free to post your link.
Interested in Koei doujinshi? (Scan links are so welcome.)
Favorite Koei Character Quote(s):
Favorite Koei link: (Just one please)

Can users friend you?:

Highlight, copy and paste into your entry.

If you're interested in Sengoku Basara, you can find LJ comms on it at http://www.livejournal.com/interests.bml?int=sengoku+basara
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